Congratulations to Matthew Cooper for Graduating Paramedic School!

May 15, 2022

Our Director of Safety, Matthew Cooper has just graduated from Paramedic School, as well as other great accomplishments!

Here’s his announcement!

I want to take a moment and reflect over the past six months or so. Last August I started Down a long hard road called paramedic school. It has been very challenging not just to me but also my wife and family. During medic school I was approached to see if I could possibly help out with some skills for the night emt basic class(for people who don’t know me, it’s hard for me to tell anyone no….). I also accepted my dream job of becoming a career firefighter during that time also. Then comes December when we welcomed our little boy into this world(yes right in the middle of medic school). When we started into the new semester I was asked to come back and help in the night advanced EMT class. This semester is where I learned something I never dreamed of doing and that is I have a LOVE for teaching. This is something that I have fought myself with this whole semester, but when I was able to watch them grow and have that moment when it finally clicks(that’s what it’s about). I am very excited to see what the future holds. I also want to make sure I give my wife the credit she deserves because I am not the only making sacrifices to make my dreams a reality but also her and my kids. Also, to Jason Fox and his students for allowing me to come in and help. Little do they know they have left a long lasting impact on my life that I hope to be able to use helping others.

Here are a few pictures of Mother’s Day, graduation(I was able to walk the stage with some of the students from the night class which was very humbling), and an awards ceremony.

Thank you Matt, we’re very fortunate to have you here with us at … 911. Knoxville Crime Scene Decontamination Services LLC!

Director of Operations
Paullette Thomas