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911 Knox Hoarding Services is a division of 911 Knoxville Decontamination Services LLC

We are Certified Hoarding Specialists but are far more than just Specialists. We actually do care for the People we are helping. We will Treat your loved one with respect, care, and love they deserve, as if they were our own parents or children.

WE ARE LOCAL: Knoxville, Sevier County Owners and working team from areas around Knox County!  We have hand picked our team from among the best that East Tennessee has to offer! Such as: Sevier County Volunteer Firefighter, Rural Metro Firefighter, CNA, 2 Medical Assistants, an EMR, Knox County Rescue Volunteers, EMT with Sevier County Ambulance Service, LPN/AEMT, Reserve Member for the Emergency Management Association, and a CRAT/CCMT.  We are a well rounded group of individuals that love our community and its people.  They get JOY out of helping to Restore Lives as well as your Property.

Hoarding Fact Sheet

We are a family owned & operated company. We reside here in Knox and Sevier County. Our mission is to help families totake back their homes that have gotten taken over by a family member, through “HOARDING an abundance of POSSESSIONS”.

Our owners here at 911 Knoxville Decon Services LLC, are dedicated to help those that are in a very bad way, living in the environment that they are in.

* Hoarding causes Families to generally be sicker than those that are able to properly clean their homes regularly. And during this Covid-19 epidemic, this is dangerous for families as well as all of us, as everyone is trying to keep Covid-19 down & gone! This is where we come in.

*Hoarding causes Families to have a higher Divorce rate , due to far more conflict in the family atmosphere. This then causes higher suicide rates, as well as higher unemployment, disfunctional children, and much more! This is where we can help.

*Hoarding can cause in many cases a danger to the family yes, but causes many community dangers, such as neighbors, EMS that try to enter the home for health calls, and for the Firefighters that might have to enter the property and home, in the case of an emergency. This is where we come in.

*Hoarding is a major fire hazard in most hoarding homes. The dangers are also there for the neighboring homes, that can catch fire in many cases as well. Most hoarders wind up running drop cords that are not regularly checked, therefore open wiring causes fire due to the many items pushing up against the wires or many items just sitting on top of the wires. The Statistics for fire from this cause is extremely high according to the U.S. Fire Marshalls. This is where we are needed.

*Hoarding does cause many individuals each year to lose their homes due to code violations, and many homes become so unfit for human habitation. Some Folks have lost their own children in the foster care system that could have been avoided if their situation would have been caught in time and helped. This is where the hoarder needs the community to speak up. Our Team is ready and willing to help.

The Hoarder needs to be found and helped so as to start the process of Healing and Taking-Back-Their-Life!

We here at 911 Knoxville Decon Services LLC, often help these individuals, to find a proper Therapist, funding, then helping to set up a plan to help restore their property.

Hoarding is defined as the collection of items in excess of what is needed in a household , that interferes with your everyday living. It is estimated that nearly 6% of the U.S. population (roughly 19 million) are affected by this disorder and the numbers are growing. Hoarding is not so much being sentimental of every little thing, it is more of the fear of the anxiety of letting these things go. They do not want to let go of these things for fear of ”feeling the anxiety.” It is not as simple as just going in and throwing these things away as you can create more anxiety and stress. That’s why you need a team of compassionate people like 911 Knox Decon Services, LLC. We care about your loved one and want to help them take back their lives. There can also be many safety hazards from the property being neglected as much as it has. Many cautions must be taken in most cases, especially in extreme cases.

We tackle hoarding jobs of all sizes.

Don’t hesitate — call us today and let us help you get your or your family’s life back.

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