C. diff Infection Cleanup

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Our Expert Team at 911 KDS will decontaminate the C-Diff in your home, office or medical facility through a unique decontamination system, not used by most: ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION TREATMENT

What is it and how does it work?

When you traditionally think of cleaning it consists of wet or dry methods. Those methods may work in some instances but not when it comes to c.diff or any other bacteria. When you are dry dusting you are basically spreading the dust around in the air to settle somewhere else. Not effective, right? When you are wet dusting you are probably using harsh chemicals and can still leave bacteria in cracks and crevices..but when you think of places like , healthcare facilities, lab or even a school you would want a more effective way to strip away the harmful germs and dust from the surfaces, that’s where you would want electrostatic spray.

Electrostatic spray cleaning , consists of spraying surfaces with an Electrostatically charged mist. The spray is a mixture of unique solution that is merged with air and is atomized by an electrode in the spray. The particles are then positively charged and able to adhere to surfaces and objects in a way you can’t get from dry or wet dusting. Positively charged particles can grip and coat any object or surface they are aimed at.

For cracks, crevices and hard to reach places, a technician only has to point at the area and spray ; coating every surface evenly, even if they only spray from one side. Then the sanitizing agents work to disinfect any surface. That is why electrostatic spray is the solution for getting rid of germs in contaminate ridden areas.

What is C. Diff?

C-DIFF in Hospitals Info:

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